"All the wine is all for me"

Wine is as simple as fermented grape juice, or as complex as existentialism. 


It has the ability to consume you more than you consume it. And if this happens, you'll notice that your thirst takes on a different taste. Suddenly it's not just about wine, but everything that accompanies its journey. The stories behind it: the philosophies of its makers, the characters who are selling it, the farmers who planted it and the obscure varietal thriving under impossible conditions. 

Which is also where the "pretentious" discussion comes in. 


Because of various influences, the journey from casual wine drinker to fully-immersed quaffer is not always as joyous as it should be. And let's be clear, it should be unashamedly joyous. The wine world can be a scary place for the uninitiated - one that often manages to give off the "members only" stench that can prevent you from fully embracing it.   


But this is changing. There is a growing number of wine lovers who want to indulge their passion in an accessible and down-to-earth way. They didn't sign up to be intimidated. They're not all that interested in your blind vertical tasting of 20 rare Bordeaux blends and they’d rather not dwell on the adjectives to describe the mouthfeel of a ten year-old Chenin. 


If 'they' are 'you', then you might find ALL THE WINE to be something of a win.


In South Africa right now, much of the wine industry is systematic and conservative. We still tend to reduce wines to jargon, numbers and awards, yet we find ourselves in a place where there have never been more fascinating characters, interesting perspectives, delightful stories, or delicious and affordable wines. 


All the Wine is our attempt to do justice to the real stories in South African wine. We aren’t here to give scores, offer complex tasting notes or announce competition winners. There are a number of fantastic resources that already do this. We’re here to put wine into context. To use beautiful imagery, film, insight and humour to relay stories from winemakers, farm workers, sommeliers, drinkers, chefs, merchants and anyone else involved in what you pour in your glass.


And if you're anything like us, then what you pour in your glass is not just the latest deal, the flavour of the month or the next big thing... it's practically all the wine.